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The HORRORS Of Lunesta Withdrawal

If you've ever wondered if prescription sleeping pills might be an insomnia cure, then read this horrifying description about Lunesta and you will have the answer you're seeking! Eszopiclone is the crucial ingredient in the insomnia drug we know as Lunesta.  A frightening fact that unsuspecting Lunesta users don't know is that eszopiclone is on the Controlled Substances Act list of substances to be wary of.  As a matter of fact, addiction to this drug is easily acquired.  Tolerance can develop after daily use of Lunesta in only a week or two.


Even those with the most to gain - the huge drug manaufactuers -  reluctantly concede that if an insommniac has taken eszopiclone for more than 1 to 2 weeks, they would be very ill-advised to quit the medication and should arrange an appointment with the doctor who prescribed on the judicious way to stop using the medication.  Usually, the patient's doctor will urge a slow reduction in dosage in an attempt to minimize the inevitable consequences of withdrawal. 

Lunesta withdrawal symptoms may include:

*  Dizziness
*  Stomach cramps and other muscle cramps
*  Upset stomach
*  Vomiting
*  Fatigue
*  Irritability
*  Panic attacks
*  Anxiety
*  Shakiness
*  Sweating
*  Seizures
*  Unusual dreams that are often disturbing in nature
*  Insomnia

Imagine having insomnia as a consequence of taking an insomnia drug.  This result is so frequent that there is a name for it -  “rebound insomnia.“  Karen knows how devastating this is for her--she swallowed Lunesta to reduce her insomnia symptoms, but when she cut the drug off, her original insomnia problem was still there - only now she had additional wretchednesses.

Reasons Why Your Insomnia Problem Will Worsen With Sleeping Drugs

There are multiple reasons for not relying on these dangerous drugs to get some sleep:

*  After a short time, they are no longer reliable.  The receptors in the patient's brain build up an immunity to the drugs.  Sleeping pills like Lunesta lose their effectiveness in two to four weeks.

*  The quality of your sleep is reduced, with less dream sleep and less restorative deep sleep.

*  You often experience next day cognitive slowing and drowsiness, also known as “the hangover effect.” 

*  Even if the pills work, what happens when you stop? You guessed it - insomnia reigns again.

*  Habituation and drug dependency are universal, as Karen found to her dismay.  You may think that sleep isn't an option without a sleeping pill.

So whenever you spy a an ad for Lunesta sleeping pills with the charming green butterfly flying around a blissful sleeper, remind yourself about the dangers of Lunesta withdrawal and choose another path. The cure for insomnia does NOT like in a bottle of pills, no matter how attractive the idea may be.